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An innovative collective of like-minded
people producing beautifully
printed publications,
marketing materials and valuable services



For more than 20 years, I have worked with clients to launch, integrate marketing and oversee the graphic design and production of their brand-building programs. I have found over the years that my ability to visualize what most people struggle to see is just outside the box …I employ a straightforward approach. I have found that having a clear vision allows implementation and execution and not everything in life has to be hard to be successful. I use my diverse industry and category knowledge to develop effective marketing solutions. …but enough about me, let’s hear about you!



With over 18 years of experience as a graphic designer, I have a broad range of skills including: designing identity packages, catalogs, brochures, packaging, direct mail and fine art.
I have worked in the arena of print and have an abundant knowledge of this process on the back end to ensure our designs work as beautifully in the production areas as they do when we are sharing them in the conception stages. One of my missions is to create designs that will inform, educate and entertain and increase sales... whether you are a Fortune 500 or a start-up.



I been around since back in-the day working in prepress, from learning how the presses run, developing film in the darkroom, the ancient art of film stripping, manual paste-up and other prepress procedures. That gave me the huge appreciation I have for how efficient production and graphic design have become in our technology age of digital media. I work in the Mac Stations graphic design and typesetting department for our clients to ensure their files are ready for press and working to develop creative projects from concept to completion.



I have worked with inkworks for a long time … don’t want to date myself now. I love customer service and sales management. I am pretty fun-loving and I don’t know why but funny things just pop into my head. Customers seem to like that I am a bit of a funny lady helping them with orders and solutions and sometimes the source of entertainment. Looking forward to working here for a long time to come.



I am a numbers kind of gal. Accounting is my specialty for many years now. My goal is to keep us on track and assist with financial forecasting that will continue to allow inkworks to grow. I love to travel and am a coinsurer of all things fine wine.


Production team: An innovative collective of like-minded people producing beautifully printed publications, marketing materials and valuable services

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The team at Inkworks understands our products, market and brand in a way that no other vendor has ever offered us. It’s more than knowing how to print a catalog or sell sheet. Inkworks has accompanied us to trade events, met with our internal team and understands our business versus just our print needs. Inkworks suggestions are unique marketing materials is outside the norm we have experienced in the past. We concentrate on making great products, we trust Inkworks to help us tell our story!
Kevin B. –Neese Industries Inc.

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