3 Key Things to Look for in an OPTIMAL Print Partner?

1. Equipment is Key

Choosing the right equipment for your printing project is crucial to ensure efficiency and cost-effectiveness. While you may not need to know the technical details of operating a press, understanding which equipment is best suited for your project can save you significant costs. For instance, printing on the wrong press or using an incorrect format size can lead to unnecessary expenses.A knowledgeable print partner can guide you through the process, helping you select specialty coatings, unique paper stocks, and creative sizes that make your marketing materials stand out. At Inkworks Marketing, our Print Specialists have in-depth knowledge of various printing equipment and can recommend the best options to deliver high-quality, cost-effective results. Whether it’s a brochure, catalog, or magazine, we ensure your branding tools tell your story effectively and provide an exceptional customer experience.

2. Online Portals

Efficient online portals are a game-changer for both graphics departments and production teams. A good print partner should offer an easy-to-use platform for uploading large graphic files, proofing documents online, and even providing hard copy proofs if needed. This feature streamlines the prepress process, saving time and reducing the risk of errors.At Inkworks Marketing, our online portal not only simplifies file uploads and proofing but also offers detailed reports and analytics on your files and images. This proactive approach helps prevent surprises during the printing process, ensuring a smooth and efficient production workflow.

3. Customer Service

In today’s digital age, having a dedicated customer service representative who understands your business and project needs is invaluable. Personalized service means you can easily reach out via email, text, or phone to get assistance from someone familiar with your project, from initial concept to final delivery.

At Inkworks Marketing, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service. Our team is available almost around the clock to support you, ensuring that your projects receive the attention and care they deserve. Unlike automated systems or help tickets, our personalized approach ensures that you always have a direct line to someone who can help you promptly and effectively.These are just a few of the things we specialize in as we want to take the headache out of getting your project from the design phase to the production stage by clear, easy communication as well as providing quality technical and design support to ensure your project is attainable within budget and delivered on time.

We would like to earn your business and be of service.Please contact us for a complimentary 5 to 30-minute consultation. info@inkworksmarketing.com