Orange You Glad to See Me?

Pair vibrant orange with classy navy blue for a look that screams, “Hey, safety’s here!” This bold duo makes critical safety info jump off the page and into the spotlight.

What Colors Work Well with PPE Catalog Print and Production

Buzz-Worthy Yellow and Black

Nothing yells “Look here!” quite like bright yellow and stark black. Use this iconic combo for headings that can’t be missed and text that’s clear as day.

Red Alert!

Dial up the urgency with fire engine red against a crisp white backdrop. It’s the perfect canvas for making your text shout without the shout.

Go Lime or Go Home!

Modern and zesty, lime green and charcoal gray are here to spice things up. This fresh twist on contrast will make your section headers pop like a lime in your favorite drink.

Zap! Bold Blues & Oranges for a Fun Safety Pop

Mix electric blue with bright orange for a vibrant, energetic vibe that says, “Safety, but make it cool.” It’s the ultimate attention-grabber!

Think Pink

Who says hot pink and black can’t be the new black and yellow? Perfect for turning heads and highlighting the important bits, this combo is sure to make your catalog stand out in a crowd.

Why Stick to Basics When You Can Go Bold?

These vivid palettes aren’t just pretty; they pack a punch, ensuring your safety content is as clear as they are colorful.

Get ready to make your PPE catalog not just seen, but remembered!