Beware the Bold Overload!

Who knew that too much bold could be a bad thing? Just like double shots of espresso can turn your calm into chaos, overdoing it with bold fonts iny our PPE catalog might just do more harm than good. Here’s the scoop on keeping your bolds beautiful without going overboard:

To Bold or Unbold… that is the question!

  1. Ease on the Eyes: Let’s keep those peepers happy! Flooding your catalog with bold text is like turning a spotlight on your reader’s face—too much glare and they’ll want to look away. Stick to using bold for spice, not the main course.
  2. Declutter Those Pages: Bold text should be your guide through the catalog, not a roadblock. Using it all willy-nilly can throw off your catalog’s flow and make finding information like hunting for treasure without a map. Keep it clean, keep it neat!
  3. Keep It Classy: Bold is the jazz hands of font styles—great in doses but too much can feel like a Broadway show gone wrong. An overuse of bold might make your catalog look more like a circus flyer than the sleek, safety-conscious resource it should be.

Bold Like a Boss: When done right, like in the “Construction Safety. Backed by Science” layout, bold fonts can work wonders. They spotlight key

headings and callouts without making the rest of the text feel left out. This is your chance to shine the light where it matters most, without blinding your audience.

Don’t let your bold choices bold you back. Use them wisely to enhance legibility, uphold a tidy hierarchy, and maintain a professional vibe. Combine bold moves with smart design choices like spacing, varying font sizes, playful colors, and intuitive icons to keep everything crystal clear and easy on the eyes.

Now, let’s make your PPE catalog not just functional, but fashionably functional. Remember, it’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it—and yes, that  applies to your fonts too!