3 Key Things to Look for in an OPTIMAL Print Partner?

Editorial by Darlene Brown

#1  Equipment is key.

We don’t expect you the customer to know the ins and outs of operating a press.  What project fits what printing equipment most optimally to ensure there is little to no waste?  Printing on the wrong press will incur a higher cost than necessary.  Printing the wrong format size can add major to your catalog, brochure i.e marketing piece. There are really so many tricks to the trade, but we won’t bore you with that unless of course, you would like to know more. Please call us… we can be very passionate about helping folks understand the lingo and as much of the technology as you would like to wrap your mind around.

Wouldn’t you love to work with a commercial printer that can expertly guide you in creating something better and more unique than your competitor? Specialty coatings, interesting paper stocks, and creative sizes can give catalog/marketing projects a feel and lux look within budget.  We have many newer materials customers are not often accustomed to looking for that really make a project POP. We are here to help.

Additionally, we produce many different types of projects and understand how to work with the trade. Most folks like to work with a specialist, and in working with our Print Specialist you will find we have a detailed knowledge of what project is going to fit best on what equipment so as to deliver the ultimate performance and cost savings to our customers.  This keeps getting repeated but for a reason…knowledge is a powerful part of what makes a great vendor partner and knowing the right equipment to print your project on goes a long way in delivering an insanely beautiful high quality, marketing/branding piece.  Keep in mind that branding tool should ultimately be able to tell your story and expertly explain how the company plans to ensure an over-the-top customer experience whether it be a brochure, sell sheet, catalog, magazine or something else.

#2  Online Portals

Online portals are a huge time saver for the graphics departments and production alike.  Does your printer make uploading large graphic files easy?  Are you able to proof your files online quickly as well as have the option to proof a hard copy printed version?  This sounds simple right.  In and of itself this feature can be a wonderful time-saving tool helping to expedite turnarounds and avoid common pitfalls as part of the prepress process.  We provide you with reports and analytics on your files and images etc. creating extra precautions so there are no surprises on press.  Oh, the things newer technology can do to save you and us headaches throughout the production process. Win-Win!

#3  Customer Service.

With everything being online these days do you have a dedicated customer service person who knows you, your company and can meet and exceed your expectations?  How nice is it to be able to know who to email, text, or pick up the phone and call direct to get assistance with your projects from the initial concept phases to the finished delivered product stage?  It is awesome to have the extra care versus being put on hold to then get transferred to someone who is not all that familiar with your project or even worse have to submit a help ticket and wait for someone to respond.  This is something we pride ourselves in – being available to our customers almost around the clock.  Once and a while I sleep, however, the equipment and printing presses run 24/7 in 18 US States.

These are just a few of the things we specialize in as we want to take the headache out of getting your project from the design phase to the production stage by clear, easy communication as well as providing quality technical and design support to ensure your project is attainable within budget and delivered on time.

We would like to earn your business and be of service.


Please contact us for a complimentary 5 to 30-minute complimentary consultation.  info@inkworksmarketing.com