A font can instantly evoke a certain kind of reaction.

Picture the fonts used for Star Wars, Walt Disney and Harry Potter, and you’re immediately transported into their world.

Pick the right font for your business, and you can do the same.

Best fonts for 2019

We’ve nothing against Times New Roman, but this blog looks at some of the fonts you really should be using this year.

We’ve looked through some of the 130,000 fonts available for purchase at www.myfonts.com and picked out some of our favorites that match the trends you can expect to be popular this year.

Neue Helvetica

Vintage and Classic Styles – Bignord Vintage Typeface Font

Authenia Handwritten Font

Blanco Neg Font – Cuts and Overlays

Adventures Unlimited Font – A Carefree Laid Back Kind of Font

These are our five current favorites on the myfonts.com website…

Who’s your ideal customer?

What do your customers want to see?

You’ve made your decisions – but is it the right one?

Before committing to your decision, narrow down your choices and mock up your branding with each font.

Take some time to get used to them and see how you feel after some time has passed.

Then, when you’ve made your choice, it’s time to get feedback. It’s always worth getting different opinions on something before ultimately committing to it.

You can change your font in the future, but this can be inconvenient, costly and undo the public profile you might have created.

Get feedback from your colleagues, friends, family and customers on your font and ask them a few questions that’ll give you an idea of how successful it is.

Do they like it?

If not, why not? Is it easy to read? You might have chosen a font you love, but if it’s hard to understand, then you’ll frustrate your customers. This is especially important if you’ll need your font for much text, like on menus or in brochures.

Are the colors right? The font might be perfect, but the colors are holding it back.

What fonts do similar businesses to yours use? Avoid choosing a font that’s the same as your competitors as you’ll confuse customers and annoy them. It’s a good idea to do the opposite to really stand out from the crowd.

It’s never too late to make a change when it comes to your font, but constant alterations and rebrands will harm your business in the long-run.

Fonts are just one area of your branding that you need to get right for your business to be a success both online and offline.

There’s a lot to think about, and it’s essential to create a strong and consistent brand identity to make sure everything your business produces helps to raise your profile.

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